Life Fit

LIFE Fit stands for Lorpen Innovative Fit Elements. It provides superb comfort for your feet and the peace of mind to handle whatever adventure comes your way.

Men’s and women’s feet are different.

So why don’t some ‘performance’ socks address these differences? Don’t we all deserve comfortable feet?

Our LIFE Fit system is designed to marry footwear and feet in a perfect union of comfort and performance.

Both Men’s and Women’s LIFE Fit include:

  • Lycra® Plus to prevent slipping
  • multi density knitting for better fit and cushioning
  • a mesh instep to reduce bulk and aid with breathability and moisture release
  • a flat knit toe seam to prevent irritation
  • But because Women have narrower feet, our Women’s LIFE Fit also has: a narrower heel and forefoot to reduce bunching and discomfort