T3 Technology

Better Technology

Testing the Limits

The Lorpen research and development team has a clear mission: "TO DESIGN AND BUILD THE BEST TECHNICAL SOCKS IN THE WORLD". As designers and manufacturers of our own socks, we have the knowledge and insight to achieve that goal. Lorpen has been able to expand sock technologies from what was existing in the market. We have set two new technology levels not existing before, two levels only achievable with Lorpen's knitting technology level, T3 and T3+.

Fiber Technology

Regulating Temperature - Maximising Performance

Using just one fiber when knitting socks is wasted potential. At Lorpen, we combine different fibers to maximize their warming or cooling properties. We lab test different combinations in order to find which ones offer the most benefits to athletes. Different climates require different fibers. While Merino wool is great for the winter, it's too warm for the summer. Even sheep don't wear wool in the summer. That's why we use different technolgies to keep your feet comfortable.

Check out the different areas of each sock to learn the difference:

Warm Weather

Cold Weather