Before Lorpen was founded in the early 1980's, our founders were disappointed with the socks they were using during their treks through the Pyrenees. The need for more comfort and durability drove them to start Lorpen.

Today we still rigorously field test all of our socks in the Pyrenees before they ever get near your feet. This ensures that you get the most technical, well crafted socks available today. And that means comfortable feet no matter what activity you choose to do.

Socks play a crucial role in keeping you comfortable. Be it running, cycling, hiking, mountaineering or just spending a few hours walking, foot comfort is key to enjoying
what you do.

Tri-Layer® technology is an evolution in comfort and performance.

Tri-Layer® raises the bar in sock design by combining three layers that work together. These layers provide three major benefits; better moisture management, more comfort and serious durability. The result is a sock that performs at the level you need it to, over and over again.

Here's how Tri-Layer® works:

Layer 1 (the layer that is next to your skin) is synthetic.

Synthetic fibres are better at wicking moisture away from your feet than natural yarns. Hydrophobic (non-absorbent) in nature, these fibres work quickly to move moisture away from your foot and into Layer 2.

Layer 2 (the middle layer) is natural.

Natural fibres are hydrophilic (absorbent) and actually suck the moisture away from Layer 1 spreading it out to speed up the evaporation process. The result is feet that stay dry for longer periods of time.

Layer 3 (the outer layer) is synthetic.

Nylon is knit as the outer layer to add durability to the sock and provide greater resistance in high friction areas.

Commonly used for military applications, Nylon is renown for its excellent abrasion resistance. As the outer layer of our unique Tri-Layer® system, it helps your socks to last longer and retain their comfort, even after many washes.

Tri-Layer® technology is the result of years of research and testing. If you want to try softer, more comfortable socks that last longer, then check out our Tri-Layer® line up.